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With over 8 years of experience, TV Installation One stands out as the premier choice for TV mounting services in Los Angeles County and Orange County. Our expert TV installers specialize in a wide range of services to enhance your home entertainment.

Our comprehensive installation services cover various surfaces, including drywall, brick walls, and tile walls. Whether you need your TV mounted in the living room, bedroom, or any other space, our experienced team ensures a secure and aesthetically pleasing installation.

Why Choose All Included Movers?

Transforming Rooms with Flat-Screen Focal Points:

Beyond TV dismount or remount services, we offer a reliable and affordable on-wall installation service for flat-screen TVs. With a commitment to excellence, we understand the pivotal role a TV plays as the focal point in a room, creating cherished memories for families and loved ones.

Ensuring Secure Flat TV Wall Mounting in Pasadena:

Our focus is on secure and correct flat-screen TV mounting in Pasadena, prioritizing safety and longevity. With most 4K TVs featuring VESA pattern mounting holes, our experts assist in selecting the right mount, making the process seamless and efficient.

TV Mounting on Various Wall Types in Irvine:
Rely on our professional TV mounting service in Irvine for a hassle-free experience. Whether your wall is constructed of wood, metal studs, or solid materials like brick or concrete, we possess the expertise to securely and correctly mount your flat-screen LCD TV.

Stress-Free Thin TV Mounting Solutions:

We understand the apprehension around QLED TV mounting. Our commitment is to provide a reliable and stress-free service, ensuring your TV is securely and safely mounted, allowing you to enjoy your viewing experience without worries.

Exceptional Thin-Panel TV Mounting in Orange County:

Our customer-centric approach has earned us praise for delivering exceptional service. If you’re seeking a professional thin-screen flat-panel TV mounting service in Orange County, look no further. Contact us today to discover how we can effortlessly mount your flat-screen TV with precision and care.

We Provide Tv Mounting In
South Bay & Orange County